Four Essential Practices for Missional Congregations

What is a healthy congregation?

That seems to be one of the great mysteries of the faith. There are many approaches to describing congregational health and definitions vary widely. Many individuals and groups have sought to define a healthy congregation. The multiplicity of definitions have included varying combinations of characteristics such as, “transforming spirituality,” prayer, discipleship, compassion, evangelism, stewardship, generosity, numeric growth, multiplication, justice ministries, compassionate service, financial support of missions, exhibiting a prophetic stance, community transformation, providing pastoral care, healing ministries, and many more.

Though there may not be agreement about a definition for a healthy congregation, there are some things they share in common. Our research at the Center, along with the insights gained from working with hundreds of congregations have helped us to identify four essential congregational practices. Mastering these four practices is critical for any congregation seeking to become healthy, effective and strong.

Learn more and join in the discussion as Center President, Bill Wilson, and Congregational Health Services Manager, Chris Gambill, leads this Four Essential Practices of Missional Congregations workshop on Friday, June 24 at 2:00 pm and again at 3:30 pm at the CBF General Assembly in Tampa, FL.


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