Living in a Glass House without Cracking

Managing the Expectations for Clergy and Clergy Family

  • Read the full article “Living in a Glass House without Cracking” at our website or visit the Baptists Today website (December edition).
  • Read the full interview from author Molly Lineberger of the interviewees in the article: Jon Roebuck, Alan Sherouse, Chris and Jessica Fillingham and Mike and Mary Oliver.

Trying Not to Crack?

If you struggle with expectations, both your own or from your church, or would like improvement and encouragement, please let the Center help. We provide:

  • Coaching – guiding ministers through strategic and goal-setting exercises to achieve better results in both personal and professional environments
  • Consulting – critical help at the right time – professional guidance to congregations that are facing both challenges and opportunities
  • Leadership Development – ongoing and proven education opportunities aimed at enhancing personal strengths and overcoming limitations
  • Emotional Intelligence – recognize the importance of emotional context in decision-making and how to improve overall communication with congregations and fellow clergy

Learn more at We pray we can be a resource and help as you learn to “live in a glass house without cracking!”