Expectations: Ministers and Congregations

From Jon Roebuck, Senior Pastor, Woodmont Baptist Church

These lists are drawn from conversations with about a dozen area ministers in Nashville. They are not ranked in any order. Please add your own thoughts as a comment below.

What Churches Expect of Their Ministers

1. Good, well organized, original, fresh, well prepared sermons each week

2.  Friendly spirit

3.  Perfect family

4.  “Best dressed” apparel

5.  Bible scholar – “Where does it say…”

6.  Expert in world religions

7.  Honesty, integrity, ethical behavior

8.  Always on call

9.  Immediate access

10. Visit the sick

11. Spend hours in prayer

12. Level of professionalism

13. Accountability

14. Fund raising skills

15. Tither

16. High education level

17. Good communication skills

18. Well read, well versed

19. Know the names of all the members, how they are connected to others in the church

20. Birthdays

21. Be at their side at critical moments (hospitals, graduations, recitals)

22. Know what the previous minister did that the church didn’t like

23. Show up at all church events

24. Consistency of lifestyle and message

25. Sense of vision

26. Do not ever embarrass the church

27. Creative/innovative

28. Possess the good qualities of the last minister, and be better in every area he/she was poor at doing

29. Understand the history of the church

30. Build lasting relationships

What Ministers Expect of Their Churches

1.  Financial support/adequate salary – support the needs of the minister’s family

2.  Respect for the position and opinions

3.  Follow the direction

4.  Acknowledge the need for rest and time away

5.  Concern and empathy

6.  Appropriate recognition and reward for faithful service

7.  Family and personal time

8.  Dedicated volunteers and teachers

9.  Give faithfully to the budget

10. Flex time

11. Discover ways to serve

12. Attend regularly

13. Spouse can pick their level of involvement

14. Desire for spiritual growth

15. Do not gossip/backbit

16. Allow for continuing education

17. Be honest and fair in all dealings

18. Criticism is seldom constructive

19. Care about the unsaved

20. Let us have moments of humanity and forgive us when our less-than-perfect self appears


Here’s a version you can print: CenterexpectationslistBTarticle

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